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Hi, my name is Dennis Greenwood, I am 55 years old and an avid photographer. I have an intense passion for wildlife and nature and spend much of my free time outside, in the hope I will capture one of those rare moments many never see, or simply take for granted. I am always willing to travel for a photo and like many photographers I never know what I'm looking for until it catches my eye.
Ever since taking up photography I have been amazed by some of the things I've seen and feel that photography has opened my eyes to the world. Allowing me to see things in a way I never did before. I feel that much of my talent has developed with the advice of others and through photography I have met many new people. People I am happy to say are now friends.
This website allows me to express myself and the world around me. Many of my photos represent things I feel lucky to have seen and I hope you feel the same way. Enjoy........A quick update to what i have already written already ,i have been very active over the last years building up a three Little owl sites around a small area l were i live ,two sites are now very well established.Any spare time i have now is taken up with monitoring and observing the Little owl ,i have also done a few one to one workshops in helping fellow wildlife photographers get photographs of the bird especially in spring and summer.